When in Goa

Nyambura.co - When in Goa
Thalassa, Mariketty’s Place

Dine at Thalassa – Order greek wine and gaze at the beautiful expanse of ocean while you wait for the chef to prepare your ‘grilled fish for the day’.

Nyambura.co - When in Goa
Treasure Hunting at Casa Popular

Antiquing at ‘Casa Popular’ – Rummage through Casa Popular’s prized collection of old postcards and vintage stamps.

Nyambura - When in Goa

Climb a Hill at Vagator – Let the sweet smell of fresh grass fill your senses while you hike to the summit to see more of the beloved ocean.

Nyambura - When in Goa
The Golden Hour

Catch the Golden Light – Plonk yourself in the ocean and watch a magical sunset unfold.

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