Lucy Halcomb of ‘Lucy_Mail’

Lucy Halcomb is an accomplished web designer at Bobbi Brown NY and the talented artist behind ‘Lucy_Mail’ – an Instagram account that showcases beautiful, Gouache-illustrated mail envelopes. - Lucy_Mail
Summer Reading

In a Q&A with Nyambura, Lucy tells us how it all began and what inspires her each day –

What impelled you to create such wonderful art on outgoing mail?

I’ve always loved sending and receiving mail. It’s so nice to come home and check your mailbox and get something other than bills and catalogs. I started painting Valentines and Christmas cards every year for a few years and sending random pieces of mail to friends, when one of them, Nim, suggested I document my outgoing mail. So I got an Instagram account!

Have you received similar hand-painted mail from your recipients? If so what was the one you couldn’t stop smiling about?

Once my friend Trey mailed me a beautiful box of postcards. It was such a nice surprise! - Lucy_Mail
Pink Leopard

Your art is an inspiration to many and I’d like to know who inspires you? Who are your favourite artists?

This is a tough one! I love looking at artist’s process work and sketchbooks. I love James Jean’s in particular. I follow several illustrators on Instagram, and I enjoy seeing their little sketches of daily life. - Lucy_Mail
Ice-cream Sandwiches

A lot of your mail has illustrations of delicious food on them. As a person who lives to eat, I must ask – What is your favourite comfort food & What has been your most memorable meal?

I was born and raised in Alabama, so I love Southern food: fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, greens, chocolate cream pie, etc. My most memorable meal is the one I eat with my family every Christmas morning: a spiral cut ham, cheese grits, breakfast casserole, curried fruit, asparagus casserole, Sister Schubert Parker Rolls (a regional speciality) and my Uncle Dan’s famous chocolate mousse. Ugh so good. I look forward to it all year.

And lastly, What would your Dream Job or Dream Life be? – Would you give it all up to run a beach shack in the Caribbean? Or is New York truly where you belong?

I’m enjoying New York right now! Though I would like to spend more time on the beach. Hoping to retire somewhere on the Gulf of Mexico. - Lucy_Mail
Roofs of Paris

Follow ‘Lucy_Mail’s Instagram account here.

Inspired to start your own series of hand-painted mail? Step #1: Order a supply of Gouache right away!

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