Art of Nature – Relaxing Coloring Book - Art of Science Coloring Book

Art of Nature is a colouring book containing vintage botanical prints. - Art of Science Coloring Book

It’s such an easy activity – all you need to do is add colour and the pages come alive. Each of the pages are perforated, so the best can always be preserved as framed art. - Art of Science Coloring Book

Be sure to take your copy along on your vacation!

Are you a fan of the movie Divergent? - Divergent by Veronica Roth

I always look forward to catching the latest, favorably-reviewed action movie each week and was surprised I missed Divergent last year. In fact, I don’t even remember watching the teaser; Must have been a weekend of big releases.

One of my favorite places to relax is an old tea room, which incidentally has a TV screen that’s set to HBO on days of non-major sporting events. One such day, I was able to catch the first few scenes of Divergent and couldn’t wait to watch the rest. The idea of a futuristic simulation test administered to 16-year-olds, the results of which help them choose a Faction – a community that plays a specific role in a dystopian society, piqued my interest.

I finally watched it last week and was enthralled by Veronica Roth’s captivating story of a 16-year-old who comes to terms with being hunted for her inherent brilliance and seeks skills not just to survive but to thrive, amidst great personal loss.

The incredible story-line is bolstered by a tightly scripted plot, high adrenaline stunts and credible acting. Shailene Woodley is remarkable as the hunted protagonist Tris and is ably supported by other stellar actors such as Kate Winslet who plays Jeanine Mathews – the crazed, self-appointed preserver of the Faction system, with chilling accuracy. This is also undoubtedly Shailene’s best performance since The Descendants; She beautifully portrays both the vulnerability and strength of Tris’s character with unmatched grace.

And starring as Four, is the dreamy and perfect Theo James.

Watch it here, if you haven’t already.

Read it here, if you haven’t already.

Liz Climo’s Animal Cartoons - Liz Climo's Animal CartoonsLiz Climo, a storyboard revisionist at The Simpsons, also moonlights as a cartoonist, creating endearing animal comics that portray innocence, love and friendship. - Liz CLimo's Animal CartoonsHer lovable comics have also evolved into whimsical books for children such as ‘Rory the Dinosaur: Me and My Dad‘ and ‘Lobster is the Best Medicine‘.

For more of Liz Climo’s comics take a look at her Tumblr page here.

P.S Liz recently posted a fun, ‘colouring comic‘!

Here is my rendition in watercolour, I’m calling it ‘The Little Brown-Green Bird’. - Liz Climo Animal Cartoons - Liz Climo's Animal Cartoons

How to find the perfect book - How to find the perfect book

Despite being a member of a vast and well-stocked 70-year old community library, I found it difficult to chance upon books that appealed to my interests.

I deeply missed the joy of discovering a new author, the excitement of reading a new book and the promise of a new literary adventure.

Until I found ‘Goodreads’.

‘Goodreads’ is an app that recommends new tomes based on the books you have read and reviewed. What I like most about “Goodreads’ is the accurate descriptions, they are succinct and yet tell you all you need to know. The reviews by fellow book lovers also help you decide if a particular book is the one for you. What’s more you can even check it’s availability on and order your copy right away. Or if you have access to an impressive library, like I do, add the book to your ‘To-Read’ section and retrieve the information when necessary.

Try it here – Goodreads for Android and iPhone.

On my ‘To-Read’ List are ‘The Girl on the Train‘ and ‘The Introvert’s Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World‘, What’s on yours?