Guide to Edinburgh - Guide to Edinburgh

Stay by the Portobello beach – Most people don’t really think of a beach when they think of Edinburgh, so imagine my surprise when I discovered that Edinburgh has a beautiful beach just a few miles away. I was lucky to have stayed right at the Portobello beachfront, come morning you will seen umpteen dogs frolicking in the sand and playing catch. The beautiful sunrise will coax you out of your slumber while the gentle sound of the waves will serenade you to sleep. - Guide to Edinburgh

Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens – The royal botanic gardens are a treat to the senses. The beautifully landscaped garden has a delightful, not-to-be missed Alpine-grass enclosure. They also have art exhibits that seek to educate and at the same time enthral curious minds. When I visited the gardens in May, there was an absolutely exquisite botanical art exhibit of native Scottish plants. Follow The Botanics to know about the latest program for the month of your stop over. - Guide to Edinburgh

Pay homage to Greyfriar’s Bobby – Bobby, a Skye terrier belonging to constable Gray has been immortalised for his loyalty and devotion. Please remember to only admire and commemorate, rather than rubbing the nose of the beloved terrier; The stories of resulting good luck are only a myth.

Visit the Elephant House Cafe and Victoria Street – Edinburgh is the birthplace of the world’s most famous wizard, Harry Potter. Wandering through Edinburgh’s old town, its surreptitious alleys and castles, its easy to see how such a beautiful city inspired such a momentous book. Right across from Greyfriar’s Bobby is both the Elephant House and the winding Victoria Street. Elephant House is a cafe on George IV Bridge where author J.K. Rowling spent her time looking out the window to Edinburgh castle and creating the world of wizards. The winding pathways of Victoria Street lined with whimsical shops served as the inspiration for Diagon Alley; A walk along it’s road gives one the sense of being in the book. - Guide to Edinburgh

Visit Dean Village – Dean Village (from ‘dene’ meaning deep valley) is a picturesque village just 10 min from Princes street. Dean Village is an oasis from the bustle of Edinburgh and there is much to do here; Take a walk along the Water of Leith walkway, picnic at the meadow or meander to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

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