Flower Power, Pitbulls of the Revolution

Nyambura.co - Flower Power Pitbulls

Sophie Gamand is the talented artist who creates beautiful portraits of pitbulls wearing flower crowns. Sophie began this project to help people rediscover the innocence and love pitbulls have in their hearts and to help them find a home they so truly deserve.

Nyambura.co - Flower Power Pitbulls

Be a part of ‘Flower Power, Pitbulls of the Revolution’, do your bit by sharing pictures of the many wonderful, loving dogs that are looking for a home to call their own.

Nyambura.co - Flower Power Pitbulls

Please visit sophiegamand.com to learn more about her work with shelter animals and helpful tips to photograph them.

Barkcam – How to take great pictures of your dog

Nyambura.co - Barkcam - How to take great pictures of your dog
The apple of my eye

Barkcam is such a great app! It comes with a repertoire of sounds that dogs respond to such as the roar of a dinosaur, the jangle of keys, the ringing of a doorbell, etc.

When you click on the button to play a sound you also simultaneously trigger the camera’s shutter-release, instantly capturing your pet’s innocent reaction.

You can even edit the captured photos by adding filters, speech bubbles, funny costumes and creating memes!

Download the app here.

P.S. If you are looking for ideas in pet photography, here is one of my favourite books – ‘The French Dog‘, a beautiful photo series capturing the life of dogs in France.