Guide to Ipswich

Ipswich is the charming county town of Suffolk, located on the estuary of the river Orwell, presumed to be the inspiration for author Blaire to change his name to George Orwell. - Guide to Ipswich

Replete with well-preserved and quaint one-storey buildings, including the 15th century ‘Ancient House’ in the Buttermarket area, Ipswich offers a pleasant contrast to the bustle of London, which is only 100 kms away. - Guide to Ipswich

Wander around the town centre – The layout of the town centre can only be described as adorable, with local pubs, vegetable market, town churches et al jostling for your attention. Take a stroll around the buttermarket area, gaze at the heritage buildings, peep into adorable homes, grab a lunch at Zizzi’s, watch the latest movie, drop into the reading room, hear the church bells toll while you savour a pastry from Patesserie Valerie.


Meet the Giles Family – The town of Ipswich is steeped in history, Charles Dickens stayed at the Great White Horse Hotel when he wrote ‘Pickwick Papers’; Dr. George Birkbeck founded one of the first ‘Mechanics’ Institute’ which operates to this day as the Ipswich library and reading room. One such famed icon was cartoonist Carl Giles who lived in Ipswich and whose popular satirical cartoon was widely loved. He is commemorated with a statue of Grandma and the ‘Giles family’ menagerie in Queen Street, overlooking the window of the newspaper office where he worked. - Guide to Ipswich

Picnic at Holywells Park – The Holywells park much like the rest of Ipswich has history going back thousands of years. Tools from the Stone Age, as well as Bronze Age axes and Roman Coins have been discovered at this 67 acre park. The beautiful park is home to a large number of birdlife and is ideal for a summer picnic. On the way back to the town, head to the pier at sunset for a romantic walk under the shimmering lights of the waterfront. - Guide to Ipswich

Visit Cambridge – The famed university town of Cambridge is a short train ride away from Ipswich and visit it you must. Cambridge’s architecture and gardens are spectacular; Punting in Cambridge is a wonderful way of looking at the beautiful ‘Bridge of Sighs’ and the ‘Mathematical Bridge’ while on the river Cam. I especially enjoyed musing over the sculptural and entirely mechanical ‘Corpus Clock’.


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Anokhi, Jaipur - Anokhi, Jaipur

I discovered Anokhi while working in Jaipur and fell in love with their textiles. Anokhi creates beautiful cotton clothes that are block-printed by master craftsmen and are perfect for the sweltering heat wave that sweeps through most of India. Anokhi is also renowned for adopting ethical trade practices and supporting the welfare of their craftsmen. Even to this day their textiles are all block-printed by hand using vegetable dyes. - Anokhi, Jaipur

Anokhi is sold only at their stores in India, You can however follow them on Facebook to see a preview of their latest collection.

Meet Inslee Haynes

Illustrator Extraordinaire Inslee Haynes talks to us about her favourite era, the celebrated calendar girl and exciting art projects! - Meet Inslee Haynes

Loved your blog ’14 Reasons to..’, It’s such a hilarious take on the world of the millennials. If given a chance which era would you rather live in, à la ‘Midnight in Paris’?

I would choose the 1950’s! I absolutely adore the couture gowns from that era. I also love how delicately the women posed. They posed which ever way made their waists look the most delicate. And I don’t hate it. As much as I am a proud female entrepreneur, I do love a lilting pose with the hands floating inexplicably below the chin like little doves that happen to be attached to the wrist. - Meet Inslee HaynesTell us about your bold and Uber-Glamorous (she looks so glamorous munching on fries!) alter ego Daphne..Will your life in a few years mirror hers?

One could only wish! The trouble with creating a fabulous alter ego is just that – she’s fabulous. While i’m lugging my groceries up my NYC walkup apartment, Daphne is somewhere sunny, wearing a plunging back one piece and being served frozen margs every hour, on the hour.  Let’s just say if in a year i’m no longer a regular at Duane Reade i’ll call it a victory. - Meet Inslee Haynes

I love how you write the calendar girl’s thoughts for each month, What are your thoughts for September?

This month’s Calendar Girl is caught in a whirlwind moment between NYFW shows. One of those moments when everything is just on point and the paparazzi are loving it. I wish I could say the same! While I will be attending some NYFW events, my life will not be as glamorous as hers. In a way, September is the calm before the storm. As we transition into October, the holiday rush begins and the requests for commissions really flow in! - Meet Inslee HaynesWhat exciting projects are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I have been busy illustrating some of my favourite looks from New York Fashion Week! This season I was drawn to all-white ensembles, specifically looks by designers Jason Wu and Zimmermann. - Meet Inslee Haynes

Tell us about some of your favourite projects..

I recently branched into designing fabrics with my friend Roxy, founder of Society Social! We are still in the beginning stages but it is so exciting to see her bring my artwork to life in a whole new way! It’s also fun to see how the colors compliment Roxy’s designs. - Meet Inslee HaynesFollow Inslee Haynes’ sketchbook for more of her beautiful illustrations.

You can also take a look at ‘Master’s of Fashion Illustrations‘ by David Downton, a book Inslee recommends to everyone who loves fashion-illustrations.